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In 1994, Eric Nahum created the Absolu Paris brand, specialist of women's haute couture trousers: "My love of design and women's wear lead me to creating a collection of trousers conceived with women in mind. Absolu Paris is the brand for all women looking for trousers magnifying their curves in a charmingly French way; my wish is to sublimate women's silhouette and show off their feminine curves advantageously".

Absolu Paris is internationally famous for its sexy, elegant and feminine trousers. The brand's speciality is bi-material strech trousers. Eric and his teams design a wide choice of trousers with a technique unique to the brands that plays on materials to make every pair of trousers  fabulous. An embroidery, a pocket, the stitching. Every detail matters.

Fashionable and refined, Absolu Paris invents its own styles and creates unique looks that are always in tune with the trends of the day.

A date, an evening with friends, a professional interview? Absolu Paris is the brand you need!