Pearls of Bahrain silk scarf

Mai Visti

Pearls of Bahrain silk scarf
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Exquisite pearls epitomising a rich history.
The artwork was commissioned by Hana Kanoo to Mai Visti, inspired by the most beautiful pearls that the Arabian Gulf has to offer and by the lustrous gems that are an intrinsic part of the noble history of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Created by designers Davide Di Curzio and Juliano Matos this scarf represents numerous pearls o varying sizes and colours on a background of deep blue that represents the sea. The elegant interwoven blue patterns are a view from within the pearls to the outer realms.

Made of high quality 100% silk, this scarf will drape and fold beautifully.

Suitable for wearing or to be framed as a piece of art.

Hand washable.

Made exclusively in Italy.

Print: Pearls Of Bahrain
Size: 140x140cm

Code: R114