The Sunset scarf

Mai Visti

The Sunset scarf
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The Sunset
An ancient Bahraini city filed with happiness at twilight.
The Bahraini artist Jasim Redha was commissioned by Hana Kanoo to create in collaboration with Mai Visti this beautiful scarf. The image represents what a typical Bahraini city would have looked like a 100 years ago with electricity lines floating through, a little masjid, lazying palm trees, wooden doors and colourful windows.
Made of high quality 100% silk, this scarf will drape and fold beautifully.
Because it's silk, it will fold around your neck, hair, wrist or waist without looking bulky.

Suitable for wearing or to be framed as a piece of art.

Hand washable.

Made exclusively in Italy.

Print: The Sunset
Size: 140x140cm

Code: R114