The Tree of Life scarf

Mai Visti

The Tree of Life scarf
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Embracing Bahrain's rich culture, history and heritage.
This scarf embodies various indigenous elements of Bahrain, the most significant being the Tree of Life, a Prosopis Cineraria tree some 400 years old growing in the middle of the desert. It also depicts the fishing dhow, a Bahraini Bulbul, delicious dates, a Dilmun cat, shimmering pearls, the traditional oud, bukhoor, all surrounded by beautiful desert flowers and plush sea waves.
The painting awakens all the senses of sight, sounds, tastes and smells that are deeply rooted in Bahraini culture.

Made of high quality 100% silk, this scarf will drape and fold beautifully.
Because it's silk, it will fold around your neck, hair, wrist or waist without looking bulky.

Suitable for wearing or to be framed as a piece of art.

Hand washable.

Made exclusively in Italy.

Print: The tree of Life
Size: 140x140cm

Code: R114